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Who can apply?

You can apply if you

  • are an international student,
  • study in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at the University of Bremen or at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Bremen and Bremerhaven and
  • are able to provide evidence of academic performance in accordance with your current semester (study progress).

How much is the grant?

XENOS is a small association which is mainly financed by private donations. Therefore, a grant is always a one-time payment, a continuous support is not possible. The support by XENOS is usually based on the sum of rent, additional property expenses (“Nebenkosten”) and health insurance as well as the semester fee.

What are reasons for support?

XENOS can help you if you find yourself in a financial emergency situation through no fault of your own, e.g.

  • You were not able to work for some time to finance your subsistence because you were ill or had an accident.
  • Your laptop was stolen or is defective and you had to buy a new one.
  • Completion of your thesis is delayed because experiments take longer or did not work or because you had to change your subject at short notice.
  • You suddenly had to travel to your home country because of serious family matters.

What does XENOS not support?

Expenses such as

  • high bills for leisure activities (e.g. sports studio)
  • excessive cell phone bills
  • unpaid broadcasting fees (“GEZ”)

are no reason for a financial emergency in which XENOS would help.